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Ninja Vs. Pirates

Two of my good friends, Mitch and Mike, make card and board games that are cheap-as-shit, but fun-as-fuck to play. They release their games under the name Ninja Vs. Pirates. Most of the games can be for all ages, but that doesn’t make them lame for adults. They are challenging, yet not too involved.  The rules to each of their games can be very quickly learned, but this does not mean there are no strategies to them. On the contrary, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to master the games, which is a result of their passion for and their hard work in developing entertaining games.

Mitch and Mike are constantly seeking new and refreshing ideas to inject into their games, which is evident in the creation of their podcast, in which they interview a number of established game designers.  What I personally love about the podcast is that I learn about the intricacies of game design that I wouldn’t otherwise know or care to know.  I suppose the podcast is meant for people with a heavy interest in card and board games and the way in which they’re designed and conceived, but casual players, like myself, shouldn’t find any difficulty keeping up.  I’m THRILLED that they stay away from constantly using technical jargon throughout these podcasts, but it’s no surprise to me, because I know them and they’re no pretentious game/elitist/nerd/faggots.  Of course you’ll have to have some sort of interest in the development in these games to enjoy the podcast, but I shouldn’t have to explain that to you.

It seems Mitch and Mike have gained some notoriety from their podcasts, at least in the gaming world, but I’ve chosen to make this ‘lil profile to promote their games, which you should be buying, because they’re fucking great.  Stop playing lame-ass chick shit, like “Taboo” or tired, asshole “Pictionary” and pick up your copies of, Ninja Vs. Pirates, Robots Vs. Zombies and Hammers*Lasers*Mirrors.

I’ve play-tested with them their drinking game, which is WAY the fuck more fun than shit like, Circle Of Death, simply because of the fact that drinking is a reward in the game and  not the punishment.  I won’t go into that, since it’s not been released and I don’t want to blow their shit up.

Hopefully, I’ve added this post in time, so that if I’ve convinced you that my friends make awesome-as-motherfuck games, you can purchase them shits just in time for Christmas.  Even if I haven’t, buy their shit and remember who they are.


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