About the site and me and things like that and shit.

I’m Brian and I’m just showing my comics. I hate Liberals and most Hipsters.  Transplants to New York are some of the worst people in the world.  Worse than insurgents in Iraq.
I was recently reading a completely useless how-to article about starting a webcomic and it told me things that I already knew.
The author’s point was that webcomic creators should include a lot of information about themselves in the “About Me” section, because for whatever asshole reason, that makes reading the comics better.
I hope with this little rant, I gave you a bit of insight into who I “really” am, because, God forbid, I didn’t. Then you’d have no idea as to what my comics mean and shit and nonsense and garbage like that.


9 Responses to “About the site and me and things like that and shit.”

  1. You suck! I hate you and all the things you stand for

  2. Hahaha!

  3. i love you brian hamill!

  4. Dude…This a comic book ruse? WTF? FUCK YOU. Idiot.

  5. Ass HOLE.

  6. What’s that all about, silly?

  7. How bout an update?

  8. I’m glad you like my shit and want me to update. I will, I’ve just been busy.

  9. I am scratching my balls right now. Just thought I’d share.

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