Too Soon, Bro

Haven’t been on in a while, so let’s make fun of God.


~ by brian on July 22, 2012.

One Response to “Too Soon, Bro”

  1. I hate god he is one sick mother fucker. No sense makes sense to Christians. Why is it they listen to nonsense but won’t listen to anything that makes sense. You ask them a question about religion and they give you a answer that makes no sense or has no logic. Closed minded idiots. You would think by now they would know that god is a fake and the bible is just old wise tales and things that happened in the past. Why would you have to worship the creator why? I say fuck god he is one evil asshole he gets off on seeing people suffer he never answers prayers why would be answer only some people’s and not others. Faith is not a answer I have faith that I can help the world and destroy the faith of god. The word would be a good place with no god or religion. There would more good people with good morals religion is what makes bad things. Why can’t these god lovers see that. So Christians don’t pray for my sole whatever that is I know I don’t have one but I’d rather be in hell than anywhere that evil mother fucker god he will problably torched you there. God made evil just remember that I thought he was perfect and fuck that bastard Jesus ( he really is one also) why wasn’t he married to marry like bible says oooh god is a sinner fucking hypocrite. If I ever meet god I will try to kill that asshole he is the only mfer I hate god should burn in hell not any of us. So you brain washed Christians grow up and stop believing fairy tales. I think Santa clause and the Easter bunny would be better gods than those fags god and that bastard Jesus. Do you know how boring heaven would be you can’t sin there. Do you really think your body or you will see people there and talk. You are idiots. FUCk All GOd Lover you suck. If heavens so great why don’t you want to die I would think you would want to be there ASAP not wanting to makes no sense at all. I’m not afraid to die why you just die then nothing what scary about that you won’t even know you we’re alive. Lol hail satan lol ps I don’t believe in him either. But he isn’t as Evil as god

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