Shit You Searched For: “Granny” Edition

A while back, I posted the following drawing:

This one drawing has brought me THE MOST HITS to this site.  Below are some of my favorite search terms related to this drawing.  You fucking creeps.

  • granny pissing (In the last 30 days alone, this has brought me 99 hits. Not including variants, such as:)
  • granny piss (So, you just want to see a puddle of old lady piss?)
  • pissing granny
  • grandma pissing
  • naked granny pissing (This is my favorite.  It’s so specific.  Because, you know, if you use any of the search terms above, you’ll only get old ladies pissing their pants.)
Other “granny” ones:
  • naked granny
  • granny naked
  • granny porn
  • grandma naked (What do you get when you just search “grandma?”)
  • granny pussy (You people are horrible.)
To further demonstrate how despicable you are, here are these things you searched for:
  • naked kid drawings
  • boys pissing
I don’t wanna know what I did to get seven hits outta those.

~ by brian on September 10, 2011.

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