Thank You, Amasis.

The Osirian Portal is a wrestling tag team known for their flashy, high-flying and innovative wrestling style.  The Portal formed in 2007 and in only a few short years, became a favorite among independent wrestling fans.  The Osirian Portal is best known in the wrestling world for their in-ring antics, most notably, hypnotizing their opponents into dance contests.

Amasis and Ophidian making their way to the ring.

The Portal has had a few members come and go, but the core members and the two who created the team are Ophidian and Amasis.  The team is best known for its work in the wrestling promotion, Chikara, a company made up of outlandish characters, yet dedicated to providing its fans with a one-of-a-kind product that, some say, has helped revolutionize professional wrestling.  The Osirian Portal are a product of Chikara’s wrestling school, Chikara’s Wrestle Factory, and it shows, with their goofball antics fitting right in with the company’s vision.

That said, I just wanted to make this post as a tribute to the member of The Osirian Portal, Amasis, who in my opinion, was really the star of the tag team.  Unfortunately, an accident, not related to the industry, has forced Amasis to retire.  Hearing this news really did break my heart, because he was, not only a rising star in the industry, with loads of talent, he was a part of a small group of people in the world of professional wrestling, who’s love of and passion for the sport shined through in his performance.  This is why he was so much fun to watch in the ring.

Amasis with an early version of his in-ring attire.

Amasis, I just want to thank you for giving a fuck about the business and the fans and ALWAYS putting a smile on my face every time you appeared in the ring.  Your presence in professional wrestling will sorely be missed.  The world of professional wrestling took a big blow when it was announced that you were forced to retire.  I’d really like people to know who this man was and what he meant to so many wrestling fans.

You jerkoffs may think professional wrestling is stupid and you’re entitled to your horseshit opinions, but you can’t take away from this man, the hard work and passion he put into something that he loved.  We all know how difficult that is and we can all relate to the disappointment of being told you can no longer go on doing it.  Again, thank you Amasis.

Here’s some of The Osirian Portal’s work, if you’re interested and are not familiar:


~ by brian on July 26, 2011.

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