Fuck Anderson Cooper!

Vince Vaughn is in trouble with homos and women, because in the trailer for his new movie, “The Dilemma,” he says that electric cars are gay.  Anderson Cooper, Ellen Degeneres and a bunch of other holes and ‘mos had a problem with it.  These selfish cunts are calling the line insensitive and hurtful, especially since a bunch of gays have been killing themselves lately.  The babies say that the rate in homo suicide has gone up, because of the acceptance of gay bullying.  Sure, that’s great, but is shit like this really to fucking blame, you cunts?

So, what’s the best way to express your problems with the joke?  Bully and vilify the guy who made it.  How sensitive of you.  The asshole-faces who have a problem with the joke don’t really give a flying shit about gays or how they’re treated.  They only give a fuck about themselves, like anyone else on the planet.  They’re not fighting for gays, they’re fighting for their right to be outraged.  They’re also fighting for airtime and relevance.  Maybe they are outraged, but no one asked them to speak out on behalf of every gay and put the burden of gay bullying on the shoulders of people like Vince Vaughn.  Why the fuck is he in so much trouble anyway?  What about the writers?

Where were Cooper, Degeneres and the wombs with two legs at Jezebel and Gawker when Mitchell Heisman, a Harvard student killed himself in public about a month ago?  Considering he wrote a nearly 2000 page manifesto, ranting and raving about blacks and such, it was obvious he was mentally ill.  Where were these bleeding-heart assholes on his behalf?  Nowhere, because they didn’t care and his problems mean nothing to them.  Why?  Well, one can only rely on assumption, just as the fuckos mentioned above do all of the time, and say that they felt nothing for Heisman, because he was a racist and a rich kid.  Maybe he was bullied for his differences?  Maybe he was outcast?  Oh, but that doesn’t meet their requirements for giving a fuck, does it?

Vaughn’s character says something to the effect of, “Electric cars are gay.  Not in a homosexual way, but a ‘my parents are chaperoning the dance,’ gay.”  To me the humor comes from watching him squirm and dig himself out of the hole he just made.  But he said “gay,” so we must hate him now.  I watch gay stuff all of the time.  I watch Logo and some local NY show called, “Under The Pink Carpet.”  Gays have a wonderful time making fun of straights and their fear of the gays.  Sometimes it’s very funny and you don’t hear any straights complaining how insensitive it is.  Well, maybe you hear the Evangelicals bitch about it, but fuck them.  They’re crazier than those homos.

Cooper, Degeneres and every other baby should just admit that they have just as much hate for gay-bashers as the gay-bashers do homos.  They don’t want change, they just want their hate to be as accepted as that of the gay-haters.

Jokes like Vaughn’s are not going to lead to horrible things, like garbage-bag Muslims hanging gays for their fictional, Allah.  There will always be ruthless idiots who will make others miserable and they don’t need Hollywood to tell them that their thoughts and actions are acceptable.  They have their pastors and parents for that.  Taking the line out of the movie does nothing but tell people that you’re a piece of shit if you don’t agree with an unfunny lesbian, a phony news anchor and a bunch of pissed off slits.  We’re doomed.  Just accept it, you cunts.


~ by brian on October 15, 2010.

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