You Are All Filthy Creeps.

Here’s another list of the best search terms that have led most of you animals to my site.

  • Sex And The City (When did I write about those shitcunts?)
  • Pissin’ Pussies (Why so specific?)
  • Cunt (Still an absolute favorite of mine)
  • Fucking Stupid (Sums me right up)
  • Fack In Wilage (I have no idea what this means, but it infuriates me)
  • Hilarious Faggots (The only thing that isn’t hilarious is the AIDS…well, maybe a little)
  • Snow Crash Invented Adam And Eve (This brought me three hits.  Three hits….three.)
  • Naked Granny, Granny Naked, Granny Pissing, Pissing Granny, Granny Piss, Granny Pussy (English people are as depraved as us Americans.  We’re better at it, though.)

I looked up “Snow crash invented adam and eve” and the following popped up.  Everything about it makes my blood boil.


~ by brian on June 25, 2010.

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