You Should Love Bret Hart

This match is, by far, one of the greatest in Professional Wrestling.  Watching this match, now knowing that Smith had been doing crack just a couple days earlier, Bret Hart had constructed and called the entire thing from beginning to end, Hart almost lost a nut and injured his ankle halfway through and it was all convincingly done in front of 80,000+ people is truly amazing.  Add to that the fact that Hart had done such an incredible job creating this match so that he could, not only, make Smith look great and win the IC belt, but make himself look even better, so that he could finally show McMahon that he deserved the Heavyweight Title and you’ve got one of the most beautiful in-ring performances captured on tape.  If you like or love wrestling and you haven’t read Hart’s book, do yourself a favor and fucking read it already.

I fucking love wrestling.


~ by brian on March 6, 2010.

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