9/11 Conspiracy Theories #1


~ by brian on January 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “9/11 Conspiracy Theories #1”

  1. blahaha

  2. fuck you

  3. Hahaha. Thank you.

  4. The planes obviously disintegrated from the jet-fuel, just like at the pentagram …oops I meant, “Pentagon”; and that empty field with a big smokey hole in Somerset County Pennsylvania. Ask the family members of the airplane passengers and dead victims. Family members like “Donna Marsh O’Conner” or “Allen Hackel” will put on the same show every time (no matter how many years have gone by). The US had an unlimited budget way back in those days, and they could pay for anything that they wanted (on credit), even a covert (black operation) attack on its self in order to generate a new war. A war which would serve as a distraction to the economic troubles and unavoidable financial collapse of the US and the world monetary system (inflation to “stabilize” the economy.. HAHAHA). Obamas election was in large part a reaction to the handling of the war on terror, and his own promise to end it. He is ending the war overseas, but he’s bringing the war home more than George Bush could have ever even dreamed. Once they get the guns out of the hands of the American people, and there’s no food because money aint worth squat, the new secular order or the world will emerge as the only government, and all those who oppose it will be enemies of the state. All will be either marked with the new global microchip or marked for death. These will be the only options left. Sacrifice your rights, and trusts the government, …for FREEDOM! :-)lol!!!

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