Nothing to do with comics.

I have an ability to know when a stranger is going to ask me for a cigarette. It’s all in their body language and their trajectory. A person may be walking towards you, but it may not necessarily mean they’re going to ask you for a cigarette.
It’s all in the walk. The stride is usually slow-paced and uncertain. They know they’re annoying and they’re just building up the courage.
The facial expression is also a giveaway. They’re thinking. They’re thinking of what to say, how to say it and how annoying it’s going to be. The facial expression changes as they come closer. It’s a look of vulnerability and nervousness and it couldn’t be more fucking aggravating.
The question usually comes in two forms; something like: “May I have a cigarette?” or the more irritating, “Can I buy a cigarette from you?” Although there are only two forms of the question, there are countless variations of it: “Yo, I can buy a cigarette off you?,” “How much can I give you for a cigarette?,” “Yo, I can get a cigarette?” and so on.
Man, you people are frustrating.


~ by brian on December 6, 2008.

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